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Work in Progress

We are getting back to normal at the Bass household these days.  Our visit from Glenda has come and gone already.  That is hard to believe.  The following weekend was a visit from my husband’s brother.  Both he and his wife were down, but wife was at a class reunion and brother got to have some free time.  So the brothers enjoyed a morning of kayak fishing in our sweltering heat.  Still, the water was beautiful as always.

Meanwhile, I am working on a new blogging project that I will share soon.  I’m making some changes, but this time change is good.  I can’t wait to fill you in.  So for now, I’ll just share a few pictures/sites that I love.

You know we love our chickens.  Owning chickens (or CHOOKS as they are called in Australia) has become a popular hobby.  Anytime I see someone’s coop and yard, I have to save the picture.  I love our set up and will look for some pictures I already have on hand.  In the near future, I will take some pictures of all the upgrades that have taken place in our yard and house.  It all looks so great!

This is one of my favorites.  I’m not sure where I found it, so unfortunately I cannot give credit where credit is due.  Love, love, love the roses and chickens together.

Then there is this entry from Heather Bullard’s site.  Heather is the senior editor of Flea Market Style magazine.   Check out their new blog at the link.  She is also an accomplished photographer, so all the pics are her own.   She and her “man” visited Santa Monica and found this set-up behind a store they visited.  So charming!!  She says that the children of a family come in daily to tend to the hens.  How sweet is that?.  Click on the link to see all the pictures from her post.  You will want to add her sites to your favorites to visit often.  I have!  We have said that our next coop (when would we need a next one?) would be a walk-in type and this is great inspiration.


I had intended to show our own pictures next, but I believe they are saved in my other computer.  So I will wait and take current pictures to share instead.  While you wait, here is our kitty….Gracie Allen Bass.  She is sitting on top of the opened chicken coop door, but appears to have her eye on something in the distance.  She is our miracle cat who survived a near fatal dog attack a few years ago.  She has even had one of her hind hip sockets removed as a result, but seems good as new these days.  When we have had a few rainy or chilly days she looks to maybe have some arthritic pain there though.  She is a beauty!

If I hadn’t started painting, I would have raised chickens. ~ Grandma Moses


Links and Recipes

I just realized this morning that I had incorrectly typed the link to Seeds of Change in the list to the right.  I have since corrected it.  I also added a few new links to new-to-me blogs. 

Chelsea Blue Whispers is a lovely blog from Australia.  The author is in business with Cathy Penton of Simple Things-Small Joys in Queensland.  They each have their own blogs as well as the business blog. 

52 Flea is a new blog to me entirely.  I actually picked it up (and the others) from Chelsea Blue Whispers.  That is how the word spreads on this interesting medium.  I used to be referenced on others’ blogs with my first blog a few years ago, but not this one….not yet.  Anyway, 52 is most interesting.  Just looks that I love and wish to share.

What luck I had in running across Cannelle et Vanille.  I have no idea how to pronouce this pretty-looking set of French words.  The author is a chef, food stylist, and photographer.  What a great combination! Interestingly enough, especially for me, many of her recipes are gluten free.  They look absolutely yummy, something not always found with gluten free.  I can’t wait to try a few.

And finally, Heather Bullard.  Another woman after my own heart.  Her entire site is quite lovely.

PINEAPPLE-GINGER RICE WITH EDAMAME ~ I tried this new recipe last night.  I had intended to make it while Glenda was visiting.  I even had it clipped to the refrigerator, right in plain sight.  I finally made it last night and it is my NEW FAVORITE!!  I can see me making a batch each week for me to take to work for lunch and nibble on for dinner.  For me, it is a complete meal.  For some, it would be a side dish.  I got it from the Whole Foods Market website.  Please click on the link for the full recipe.  I think I will put my own spin on it in the future by adding different nuts and/or seeds, other herbs from my garden, and maybe apples or pears in place or addition to the pineapple.  The more I add, the more vegetable broth I will need to add to compensate.  It is good warm or cold.  For lunch today I added a drizzle of Drew’s Rosemary Basalmic dressing on top.  YUMMY!!  Hope you will try it and love it as much as I do.

“Those who don’t pick roses in summer, won’t pick them in winter either.”  German proverb.    HUH???

It’s a pleasure…

… meet you, I mean.  Post number one of a new blog on a new site.  This is exciting stuff, right?  Am I selling stuff?  No…at least not right now.  Who knows what the future holds.  Life so far has taught me that I do not have the answers to so very much.  I used to sell stuff, but not so much any more.  Will I ever use this site to share some found object I have turned into my own?  Quite possibly.  Will that object be for sale?  Maybe and maybe not.  I usually only work on things I love…then I get attached to them.  In what feels like another life ago (but really it has only been a few years ago) I did just that.  I went in search of some beat up, albiet interesting item…scraped it, sanded it, painted it, sanded it some more, glazed it; then I dragged it to a show, and loe and behold, someone actually wanted to buy it from me.  What a bag of mixed emotions that was!  My whole purpose was to sell it, but it was my first piece and I was attached to it.  Part of me wanted to hug the buyer.  The other part wanted to cry.  Logic won out in the end and I sold it without hugs or tears.  I haven’t had the opportunity to work on such items of late.  As my brother and his wife would say, it is not my “season of life” right now.  What is my season of life right now?  Well, I’m still working on that. 

What I will probably use this blog to do is reconnect with blogs I used to enjoy reading, and connect with new blogs I am finding, talk about books I enjoy reading,  share seeds/plants I just added to my garden (or wish I had time to add to my garden), and maybe even share a project or two, plus any other drivel that comes to mind at the moment.  In the meantime….I have a lot of learning to do to figure out this site and all it’s possibilities.

I will share a blog that I am really enjoying and that is SlowLoveLife by Dominique Browning.  While I’m waiting for her third book to come out I’m reacquainting myself with her first two books.  I love to read a book where I feel the author is having a chat with me.  To be able to write like that….wow.  Dominque, I don’t know you, but I feel that I do.  I hope that does not feel like an intrusion to you.  I have wondered about that.  When an author spills his/her soul, suddenly everyone pretends to know that person.  I’m sure there is still so much he or she still keeps to themselves, right?  Anyway, I read her first book and was so thristy for more that I anxiously read the second.  Reading them the second time around now feels very comforting, like I’m chatting with an old friend.  While I anxiously await Slow Love (the new book) to arrive on my doorstep in mid-May (or so Amazon says), I am thorougly enjoying reading her blog.

Around the House and in the Garden: A Memoir of Heartbreak Healing and Home ImprovementPaths of Desire: The Passions of a Suburban Gardener

I would love to know if you’ve read them (that is presuming you know I exist here). 

So for now I leave you with wise words from Laura Ingalls Wilder, “I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.”           Hmmmm.