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Be aware of the man of one book.   ~Anonymous

I have a hoarding issue.  I wish it was money that I hoarded, but it is not.  It is books, magazines, and recipes.  I cannot seem to get enough.  My bookshelves are overflowing.  I have cookbooks stacked on top of my kitchen cabinets and refrigerator (artfully arranged, of course).  I have smaller books stacked on the top of the breadbox.  I have my must-read books stacked on my nightstand.  Even more books out in the soon-to-be sunroom.  Wherever I go, a book must accompany me.  Yes, that means often to the bathroom as well.  I read in the car while stopped at red lights.  I did do a bit of a clean-out of the bookcase about six months ago.  My husband was in shock and wanted to know what was wrong with me.  I didn’t want to say that I might really be making room for new books.  The old books were donated to a used book store.

Don’t get me started on magazines.  Magazines seem to be everywhere.   I have a collection of old wire baskets that make the best place to stack magazines!  Just when I say I’m going to not renew my subscriptions, a great deal will come in the mail.  How can I justify buying them every month (I know I will) when I can save over half by subscribing?  So the cycle begins again.  Currently I get Down East (The Magazine of Maine), Maine Boats, Homes, & Harbors (I have a love affair with the State of Maine…more on that another time), Veranda, Country Living, Martha Stewart Living, Martha Stewart’s Everyday Foods, Traditional Home, Vegetarian Times, Audubon, Country Gardens, and Herb Companion.  I did give up my Hobby Farms, Hobby Farms Home, and Mother Earth News (I think).  When the original Victoria and House & Garden went out of print, I almost cried.  I wish I could explain the feeling I get when they come in the mail.  I got three just yesterday and almost jumped up and down.  It is sad, really.  What comes next with that, though, is once or twice a year I go through the magazines to see which ones I can part with (and there are many that I can’t).  I will then sit down and turn them page-by-page to see if there is something I can never part with…be it a picture of the perfect kitchen, bathroom, vignette, garden, recipe.  When I find it, I rip it out.  It goes in a box that will one day become a binder—by subject—of these perfect things I cannot live without seeing again.  What is left of the magazine comes to work to be placed on the back table to be viewed just one more time before hitting the recycle bin.

That brings me to recipes.  I will run across a recipe, or two, or three, online and I have to print it.  If only I would actually make even a small percentage of the recipes I feel that I just have to have, I would eat like a queen.  I eat gluten-free always, and vegetarian primarily, so when I see a recipe that fits that description, I just have to have it.  They are currently stacked ready to be bound as well.  Couple that with the stack that I have saved from old magazines and I could start my own cookbook!

One may be thinking right now, “Wow, that girl has a problem!” Or, “Her house must be a mess!”  I like to think “No,” is the answer to them both.  Artfully arranged, remember? But don’t ask my husband either question please.  The answer may not be the same.

I brought to work with me today four magazines that I have not cracked yet and a book I am greatly enjoying.  Work is really getting in the way of my reading schedule; however, reading does not pay the bills, so work wins in the end.  I can’t wait for lunch when I can read again.

She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain.  ~Louisa May Alcott 

Into what, I ask?

P.S.  I just got an email from Amazon that my copy of Slow Love has shipped.  “Yippee!!!” she says as she jumps just a little.


It’s a pleasure…

… meet you, I mean.  Post number one of a new blog on a new site.  This is exciting stuff, right?  Am I selling stuff?  No…at least not right now.  Who knows what the future holds.  Life so far has taught me that I do not have the answers to so very much.  I used to sell stuff, but not so much any more.  Will I ever use this site to share some found object I have turned into my own?  Quite possibly.  Will that object be for sale?  Maybe and maybe not.  I usually only work on things I love…then I get attached to them.  In what feels like another life ago (but really it has only been a few years ago) I did just that.  I went in search of some beat up, albiet interesting item…scraped it, sanded it, painted it, sanded it some more, glazed it; then I dragged it to a show, and loe and behold, someone actually wanted to buy it from me.  What a bag of mixed emotions that was!  My whole purpose was to sell it, but it was my first piece and I was attached to it.  Part of me wanted to hug the buyer.  The other part wanted to cry.  Logic won out in the end and I sold it without hugs or tears.  I haven’t had the opportunity to work on such items of late.  As my brother and his wife would say, it is not my “season of life” right now.  What is my season of life right now?  Well, I’m still working on that. 

What I will probably use this blog to do is reconnect with blogs I used to enjoy reading, and connect with new blogs I am finding, talk about books I enjoy reading,  share seeds/plants I just added to my garden (or wish I had time to add to my garden), and maybe even share a project or two, plus any other drivel that comes to mind at the moment.  In the meantime….I have a lot of learning to do to figure out this site and all it’s possibilities.

I will share a blog that I am really enjoying and that is SlowLoveLife by Dominique Browning.  While I’m waiting for her third book to come out I’m reacquainting myself with her first two books.  I love to read a book where I feel the author is having a chat with me.  To be able to write like that….wow.  Dominque, I don’t know you, but I feel that I do.  I hope that does not feel like an intrusion to you.  I have wondered about that.  When an author spills his/her soul, suddenly everyone pretends to know that person.  I’m sure there is still so much he or she still keeps to themselves, right?  Anyway, I read her first book and was so thristy for more that I anxiously read the second.  Reading them the second time around now feels very comforting, like I’m chatting with an old friend.  While I anxiously await Slow Love (the new book) to arrive on my doorstep in mid-May (or so Amazon says), I am thorougly enjoying reading her blog.

Around the House and in the Garden: A Memoir of Heartbreak Healing and Home ImprovementPaths of Desire: The Passions of a Suburban Gardener

I would love to know if you’ve read them (that is presuming you know I exist here). 

So for now I leave you with wise words from Laura Ingalls Wilder, “I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.”           Hmmmm.